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Pregnancy Pillow: Types and Usage.

The essence of a pregnancy pillow is for comfort so as to get a good sleep while it supports all recommended sleeping positions. A good sleep will equally assist the foetus to stay healthy and likewise the expectant mother. In using a pregnancy pillow, the types must first be considered so as to know how to choose the most appropriate. There are five main types of pregnancy pillow, they are: the U-Shaped Pillow, I-Shape, C-shape, J-Shape and the Wedge-shaped pillow.

Wedge Shaped Pillow

Convenient because of its portability. Also good to prop up the head or back while sitting or reclining.
Wedge-Shaped Pillow
Needed to support the back muscles or stomach while lying on the side.
Wedge Pillow Supporting the Tummy
Acts also as support for head and neck while placed under regular pillow to help relieve symptoms such as acid reflux and heartburn.
Wedge-shaped pillow supporting the neck

U - Shaped Pillow

U-shaped supports whole body: head and neck, back, belly, knees, ankles, pelvis etc. Wrap a C Shape pillow along your back and between your legs. Excellent for women that are used to sleeping on their back as it will help them in adjusting to other positions. Lying on the back is not advisable while pregnant. Learn More…

Can be used with wedge-shaped pillow placed behind the back to support lower part of the back
U-Shaped Pillow
U-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

I - Shaped Pillow

A full-length pillow, also known as I-shaped pillows. Resembles conventional/ regular types, but only longer hence it runs along the length of the body.

Though lacks back support, you can wrap your arms and legs around them in a cuddling perspective to help relieve tension on the knee and ankle joints. The centre of the pillow will keep supporting the stomach.

I-Shaped Pillow
Cuddling I-Shaped Pillow

C - Shaped Pillow

Fitting for mid-size bed because of their compact size (not as big as U-shape). Also provides support for the head, neck, back, legs and ankles.

Disadvantage: continuous adjustment on switching sides.

Advantage: If you are uncomfortable sleeping on your back, C-Shape pillows will prevent you from rolling on your back while sleeping.
C-Shaped Pillows
Sleeping Using C-Shape Pillow

J - Shaped Pillow

Similar to the U-shaped pillow but significantly smaller and without the extra side. Great for mid-size bed and good for head, neck, and back support.

It will also guide against sleeping on one’s back. Wrapping a U-shaped pillow along the back and between legs will give the lower and upper back, as well as pelvis, a good support while sleeping.

J-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow
Sleeping on J-Shaped Pillow

Essencial Tips

  • In selecting a quality pillow, the best approach is to choose a pillow with hollow fibre fillings or polystyrene foam. The pillow should support intended weight and same time firm enough not to lose shape throughout its use at the period of pregnancy.

  • A lightweight pillow too could do a lot to help stay healthy at pregnancy. Pillows in this category are filled with Styrofoam balls that allow it (the pillow) to conform to the body easily. Its disadvantage is that the filling creates noise while turning on the pillow; such noise could be disturbing.

Go for pillow with good size
Pillow should have a removable cover
Firm pillow is preferrable

  • Pillow should have a removable cover to maintain neatness. The cover should be washed when dirty for hygiene. Also, the cover will make the pillow to last for a considerable period of time.

  • Take note of the size of the pillow and firm brands are advisable compared to the soft type. A firmer pillow will provide more support and retain its shape longer. Pillow should possess a size that will accommodate the weight it will carry.

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